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25 November 2016

Complex but Simple Food - that's Mash Catering for you!

18 November 2016

Thanks so much to James for our most recent food shots plus others to come in the next few weeks!

18 November 2016

PROFESSIONAL KITCHEN FOR HIRE - catering or photography hire (food photography or portrait photography). Fully fitted impeccably clean commercial kitchen (400 sq ft) plus meeting room (185 Sq ft) and studio space (372 sq ft). Message for further details.

10 July 2016

213 Luxury Picnic cool bags for our client successfully delivered for the Silverstone Grand Prix.

14 May 2016

It's back - Prawn Cocktail #retro

6 March 2016

Happy Mother's Day.

Flowers by Emma Remmington Flowers and photography by James Corbett Photography.